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Tribute to the founders

Sasa De Martini
The celebration of the founder through the "freehand" razor haircut. Pure art expressed through a technique symbolizing a conscious ability inherited from Maestro.
Duration 60 minutes 60.00

Donna Assunta
Not the "simple" color but the exclusive camouflage reserved for our "mummy". The luxury that translates into a sublime experience like the one reserved for the person who allows us to be here today!
Duration 145 minutes 115.00

10 days in Positano
The art of foilyage to create veils that give hair a unique shine and a "sun-kissed" look just like after 10 days in Positano .
Ideal for those who have never lightened their hair. Includes fold.
Duration 240 minutes 130.00
An evening at the theater
If you have a special evening planned, make it unforgettable with sensorial styling. We will take care of your hair by styling it in harmony with the style of the evening.
Duration 75 minutes 65.00
Time for you
Live the experience of the reserved service by immersing yourself in a dimension all your own. Thanks to the chauffeur service, you will enjoy exclusive comfort even before entering the store. Your every wish will be fulfilled.
Ideal for a gift.
Duration as long as necessary 195.00

Experiences Menu
The Unforgettables
Herbs & Clay peeling cleanser
Cleansing + detox peeling that follows the phases of the moon. Composed only of 100% natural raw materials, it delicately cleanses hair and scalp without the use of chemical agents.
Duration 25 minutes 8.00pm
Hydro Dhara
Infusion of biodynamic floral waters that relieves stress, tiredness and emotional tension by rebalancing the psycho-physical system. It induces a state of relaxation and serenity.
Duration 10 minutes 20.00
The Curatives
Soothing skin treatment with biodynamic Zanthoxylum and Helichrysum. Rebalances and reduces redness of the scalp. Gentle massage.
Duration 25 minutes 8.00pm
Detoxifying anti-sebum treatment with Amazonian clay and biodynamic sage. Absorbs excess sebum, normalizes, refreshes and provides immediate relief.
Duration 25 minutes 8.00pm
Treatment for dry or greasy scalp and hair with dandruff and flaking. Dermo-purifying, refreshing and rebalancing action. Cute bath with light massage. Conditioning of lengths with mask or conditioner.
Duration 25 minutes 8.00pm
Phyto-protein and biomimetic reconstruction with hyaluronic acid and phytotherapeutics. Repairs lengths and regenerates hair. It seals the scales and tightens the cuticular layers. Avoid split ends. Anti-aging effect.
Duration 40 minutes 30.00
Densifying and fortifying treatment for hair subject to loss due to temporary and/or androgenetic causes. Masculine and feminine use.
Duration 10 minutes 10.00

Classic menu

  • Women's hairstyling 20.00
  • Woman's blow-dry + hairstyle 40.00
  • Women's Cut + Fold 40.00
  • Size + Fold Men's 25.00
  • Beard (freehand) 15.00
  • Beard (with trimmer) 10.00
  • Agricosmetic color 50.00
  • Color without ammonia 50.00
  • Sunlight 65.00
  • Personalized lightening 75.00
  • Toning 35.00

Exclusive The Place treatments
SATIN: Illuminating Treatment
The richness of Pomegranate envelops the hair, protecting it from humidity. The result will be a brighter, smoother and softer effect. The olfactory notes of Citrus and Chamomile reach the heart, relaxing the mind.
Duration: 25 minutes 8.00pm
LINEN: Moisturizing and refreshing treatment for the skin
Daily stress and a hectic life affect the well-being of skin and hair, which is why we must take care of our skin which is constantly exposed. Horsetail, White Rose and Soapnut hydrate and refresh the skin, while the Biotechnological Algae Oil rebalances it after exfoliation. The result is detoxified, elastic and hydrated skin.
Duration: 25 minutes 8.00pm
VELVET: Nourishing treatment
The heat transforms the texture of this product, releasing the olfactory notes, emphasizing its aromatic effect. The citrus notes of Orange and Bergamot meet the floral notes of Chamomile and Lavender, amplifying the olfactory experience. The consistency of Ultra Nourishing Hair Butter envelops the hair, nourishing it deeply for an extra soft result.
Duration: 25 minutes 8.00pm
CASHMERE: Hot repair treatment
The vitamins of Pomegranate, Oak Gems in Carob Molasses repair, hydrate and smooth the structure of dehydrated and sensitized hair. The hair is repaired and plumped thanks to the concentrate of phyto-actives. The heat transforms this treatment into a comfortable wellness experience.
Duration: 25 minutes 8.00pm

  • The Paths and Extra-Ordinary menus include: welcome ritual, consultation, skin preparation, Hydro-Dhara and home treatment kit;
  • The Place Exclusive Experiences and Treatments menus are to be combined with a treatment from the classic menu;
  • Appointments are recommended.