The unforgettable experiences to live in the salon

Herbs & Clay peeling cleanser

Cleansing + detox peeling that follows the phases of the moon . Composed only of 100% natural raw materials, it delicately cleanses hair and scalp without the use of chemical agents.

Treatment duration: 25 minutes

Hydro - Dhara

Infusion of biodynamic floral waters that relieves stress, tiredness and emotional tension by rebalancing the psycho-physical system. It induces a state of relaxation and serenity.

Treatment duration: 10 minutes


Phyto-protein and biomimetic reconstruction with hyaluronic acid and phytotherapeutics. Repairs lengths and regenerates hair. It seals the scales and thickens the cuticular layers. Avoid split ends. Anti-aging effect

Treatment duration: 40 minutes

Healing treatments

Soothing skin treatment with biodynamic Zanthoxylum and Helichrysum. Rebalances and reduces redness of the scalp . Gentle massage.

Treatment duration: 25 minutes

Treatment for dry or greasy scalp and hair with dandruff and flaking. Dermo-purifying, refreshing and rebalancing action . Cute bath with light massage. Conditioning of lengths with mask or conditioner.

Treatment duration: 25 minutes

Detoxifying anti-sebum treatment with Amazonian clay and biodynamic sage. Absorbs excess sebum , normalizes, refreshes and gives immediate relief.

Treatment duration: 25 minutes


Densifying and fortifying treatment for hair subject to loss due to temporary and/or androgenetic causes. Male and female use.

Duration of treatment: 1 5 minutes